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Indica 65 / Sativa 35
Origins – Sensi Star F2 x Hawaiian Skunk
Flowering – 55-60 days

Tropicanna is a playful shorthand for “tropical cannabis”, bringing to mind the lavish, slutry luxury of tropical settings known as enviable vacation destinations and global sweet spots for cultivating kind bud. It was the lush tropical qualities of this variety that inspired its Tropicanna name.

This strain is the progeny of a Sensi Star F2 female and a Hawaiian Skunk daddy. As a hybrid, Tropicanna adopts its flowering time and growth pattern from its indica roots while possessing sativa qualities in taste, smell, and effects. This plant can be grown in either hydro or soil, although soil will bring out more of the mango-haze treats in its flavor. Tropicanna is a slow starter, but branches well and fares best as a screen of green or multi-branch plant. Sea of green methods can slso be grown in outdoor gardens beyond the tropics belt, where they will finish by the end of September in latitudes equivalent with southern Ontario, Canada. The leaves show a sativa influence, with many slender leaflets. As hey grow, there is a sloght internode stretch. Tropicanna is a natural mama who prefers lower nutrients: even better if they’re organic. By the end of flowering, she is typically doubled in size from what it was at forcing. Plants are best forced at 12-18 inches, resulting in average final plants that are 30-36 inches tall.

Tropicanna plants are aromatic as they vegetate, but the smell becomes lighter and less conspicuous during flowering. In the second half of the flower cycle, these plants go through a transformation, exploding with bud growth and resin production until even the leaf petioles are covered in glands. This plant should definitely be considered a serious contender for bubble hash processing.

Tropicanna buds at finish have an amazing and distinct tropical flavor, a mixture of fresh melon, citrusy lemon, and the flowery edge of haze 0 sorry, no orange juice in this Tropicanna treat. The high invokes a giddy and decadent sense of enjoyment. Tropicanna encourages a fun and exuberant mood that would fit right in to the ambiance of an island vacation.

True Blue

Sativa 50 / Indica 50
Origins – Blueberry x Blueberry
Flowering – 55-65 days
Harvest – Late September

When the breeder of the original Blueberry releases a variety named “True Blue”, Blueberry fans are in for a delight. DJ Short’s True Blue was carefully selected from a double Blueberry cross. The Blueberry variety originally derives from a marriage between a female with Thai and Oaxacan roots, and an Afghani indica male. The strain’s characteristic lavender tones were inherited through the mother’s genetic line.

DJ Short’s flavor connoisseurship influences his growing preference for soil-based gardens with organic nutrients, but his varieties adapt well to hydroponics, aquaponics, or aeroponics systems. True Blue has a light appetite for nutrients, especially nitrogen, although these plants will be happy with generous helpings of worm castings and bat guano.

Like her Blueberry parents, True Blue forms many branches, especially when topped, and finishes at a medium height. beginning a lusty dark green, these plants develop the soft lavenders for which they were named, as well as mouthwatering sweet musky odor. Some plants show variegated (crinkled) leaves that are a benign inheritance from the Thai family. This hybrid’s flowers have petite calyxes that form along tight spade shaped buds, taking on a fox-tail structure.

True Blue finishes in 8-9 weeks on average indoors. Outdoors, she ripens in late September to late October depending on latitude. In a location near the 45 degree North latitude, she was successfully harvested within the normal growing season. True Blue’s finished buds have photo-worthy color, and their aroma mellows from its musky quality to a fruity floral sachet once cured.

The True Blue is a lucid, inspiring, social high that creeps up gradually. this is pot to share!. Friends will admire the connoisseur flavors, and the warm euphoria of True Blue’s stone will make for a fun and congenial smoke-out.


Indica / Ruderalis
Origins – Passion #1 x ruderalis
Flowering – 56-63 days

The tundra is a geographic region with a short growing season, and plants that grow in the tundra biome typically hug the ground and show great hardiness to withstand rugged weather. Many people associate tundra with a sense that has been dusted with frost. The Tundra variety embodies both of these qualities, forming a compact hardy plant that becomes frosty with a snow of trichomes at maturity.

This autoflowering strain was developed from the champion Dutch Passion outdoor indica strain, Passion #1. Passion #1 is a strain that originated in California during the 1970s, and was refined to become a sturdy pest and disease resistant outdoor indica strain. Dutch Passion started a breeding program to introduce the autoflowering ruderalis to traditional strains, and found that some gave especially strong results, Passion #1 among them. Breeders worked carefully to formulate an autoflowering version of the Passion #1, utilizing ruderalis and other strains as needed to stabilize a hybrid that retains the desirable potency and balanced high of the Passion #1 with the genetics to flower automatically without a carefully controlled light regimen.

This healthy, easygoing variety can be grown almost anywhere. Outdoors, Tundra seeds can be planted as early as the start of spring or as late as August and will automatically start and complete the flowering process, leaving you the proud owner of a Tundra havest in 56-77 days from the time the seed sprouts until the buds are finished. Tundra will also deliver excellent results indoors under a cycle of 20 hours light / 4 hours darkness. The genetics from Passion #1 have passed on an excellent resistance to mold and bud rot.

Tundra grows a compact, strong, and vibrantly green bush with limited branching. It stays short and matures quickly, growing vegetatively for just 2 weeks when it reaches a heaight around 2 feet (50cm). Then Tundra automatically enters flowering, which takes an additional 6-9 weeks. Plants finish at heaights of around 3 feet (80cm) with an average yield of 1-2 ounces (25-50g) per plant.

The Tundra buds are firm and rich in THC crystals. The high is a pleasurable blend of body relaxation and moderate “up” effects. If you plunge your nose ino a baggie of buds, the aroma is thick and sweet with a citrus edge. The soft smoke smells of spices mixed with an astringent fruity quality of lemons and grapefruits. Tundra allows one to drift freely in a happy state of relaxation, translating well to a calm enjoyment while socializing with frineds or to leisurely solo activities such as peaceful afternoon in a hammock.