Sativa / Indica
Origins – indica (m) x sativa (f)
Flowering – 49 days
Harvest – Mid Spetember

Was found in a tray of clones. When grown out, it showed more vigor and flowered earlier than its sisters. The buds were big tight fists running down the stem that were crammed with high potency glands.

Since discovered, Max 49 has been cloned extensively along North America’s west coast. From its characteristics, experts suggest that this plant was a cross of a male indica with a female sativa. Originally offered only as a clone for medical gardens, a female plant was masculinized over many yearsusing a unique technique, then crossed back with itself to produce stable, all-female seeds.

Max 49 is a short plant that branches extensively. In a sea of green, it should be pruned twiceL once when entering flowering, and then again 2 weeks later. Using this emthod, Max 49 grows a single stem which acts as a platform for the strong, no-nonsense buds, that mature into a solid 1-2 inch thick, foot-long column of densely packed flowers. At harvest, Max wil reach a height of 30 inches. When grown as larger plants indoors, Medifarm recommends trimming to one stem per 6 inch square. Outdoor plants grow about 3 feet with extensive branching, and need only moderately intense sunlight to mature well, although they will also thrive under bright sun. In warm climates, expect a smaller plant and an early finish.

Cured Max bud retains the floral sweet tones of the live plant, as does the taste. With cerebral, evergetic and intense effects, Max 49 in moderation throughout the day produces an enjoyable yet focused high.


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